Thursday, August 3, 2017

Let's Get Social!


We love to post pictures of you with your bags on our Facebook page. Feel free to share your pictures with us, too!

We also post in the morning on our Facebook page if we are not going to be at the Pike Place Market for the day. Typically, we're there every day of the week but, things happen. We recently had an elevator down (couldn't get our merchandise upstairs) and a fire under the viaduct (had to close early!) Checking our feed can (hopefully) save you from a drive to Seattle if we aren't there.


Our new items and behind the scenes photos can be found on Instagram. Once in a while, we post pictures of our shop dogs! Ace the Husky is now 6 months old and getting bigger by the day! Or, we'll follow the adventures of the birds that build a nest right outside our shop in the woods! Usually Instagram is the first place to see a new item or our new colors!




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