Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Who's Who?

(L to R: Kenneth, Hillary, Michele, Shawn, Courtney)
Stickman Leather, LLC is a very small business! You've got me, designing, sewing, and finishing. Then, there's Hillary who helps me in the shop (along with my kids, sometimes if they want to earn a little extra spending money!)

My wife, Michele, keeps up with the business end of things and answers emails, takes phone orders, ships bags, balances the checkbook and all that type of thing.

I go down to Pike Place Market most Saturdays during the year and when I'm not there, Kenneth or Courtney can be found representing Stickman Leather.

That's it. Five of us.

We thank you for your support when you buy a Stickman Leather bag you are keeping 5 people employed.