Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Work From Home Dad

I'm a work from home Dad. My wife and kids helped me out in the shop this summer, but, now that the kids are off to school, it's me and the wife in the shop! In between working, our daughter had foot surgery and has needed rides to school and help getting to her first class! So, between trips to the doctor, rides to school, making school lunches, curriculum nights and ALL that goes with being a work-from-home-dad; I'm making bags!! This is my busiest time of year as I'm doing my best to build inventory so there's a lot of merchandise for the holidays! If you want a bag for a gift (or you want to buy a bag for a gift) please remember that I buy SMALL lots of leather. If you see a bag you adore, I might not always be able to get that exact leather again. I know that some customers think I'm just trying to make a sale fast when I say that. Then, they come back in a few hours and the bag they loved is gone. And I cannot get any more of that particular leather. It happens nearly EVERY day that I am selling at the market. Moral of the story? If you love it. Buy it. Set it aside for the holidays . . . just trying to make your dreams come true. One bag at a time!