Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Old Wallet

People ask me why I don't do custom wallets; so, I'll tell you why. Pull your wallet out. I'll wait. Seriously. Pull it out. Your favorite wallet is soft and supple and fits perfectly to your body. It has stories. It's been everywhere with you.

A new wallet doesn't have any of those things.

I used to re-create wallets for people who were about to lose their favorite wallet. And every single time I handed them their new wallet that was faithfully crafted to be a clone of the original wallet the customer wasn't satisfied.

The new wallet didn't have the same magic. I had to face facts: I'm a craftsman, not a magician. So if you want a new wallet, buy one of mine -or someone else's- and make some new history but please, understand, I won't custom make you a wallet to match the one you've loved for years. It just won't be the same. Trust me.