Caring for a Stickman Leather bag is easy.


If you spill something on a bag, that isn't oil- or grease-based the best way to clean it is with soap (not detergent) and water, letting it air dry.
Note: if you get ink, oil, heavy grease on a bag, especially lighter colored bags, it may be impossible to get the stain out -call me if you've got an issue like this and I might be able to suggest something.


I don't use anything on the bags I sell or the bags I carry for personal use, but, if you want to waterproof or stain proof your bag, I suggest using a spray-on, silicone-based water stain protector.  (I recommend silicone-based because it is less likely to darken light leathers, as always follow all directions and test an inconspicuous spot on the bag first.)


For conditioning your bag, to keep it supple and fresh-looking, I suggest Lexol leather balm. As always, follow the directions on the packaging and test on an inconspicuous spot on the bag, first.


To get the longest life out of your bag, treat it with kindness! If you are rough with your bags, they get scuffed. If you set them on the floor regularly and they are light-colored leather, they can get stained. Yes, Stickman Leather bags are rugged and Shawn's workmanship is guaranteed, but if you're regularly filling your bag over about 3/4 capacity then you might need a bigger bag! Overfilling your bag can cause hardware to fail and there is a fee to replace hardware. Zippers break and clasps can break if you regularly overstuff your bag or carry things that are too heavy in a bag that isn't designed for lots of weight. For example, only our heavier weight bags are designed to carry some sizes of laptop computers. A lighterweight bag such as a Big Butter bag won't hold up to carrying a laptop computer. The kinder you are to your bag, the better it will serve you!